Trust in Teal Self-management
4 Day intensive for Top managers
Herstel het vertrouwen in jezelf, in jouw team en in jouw organisatie

For who?

Inspirational innovators, founders and top managers of:

  • Teal- or self-managed organisations

  • organisations or small/middle sized companies who are considering a evolutionary transformation towards Teal and self-management




 From Thursday, November 2nd, 2017 to Sunday, November 5th, 2017



Kasteel De Heerlijckyt in Geetbets

Trainers & hosts

Joke Oosters – Trust for Business / Co-founder Teal for Teal International

Erwin Van Waeleghem – Tealspirator / Co-founder Teal for Teal International

Rense Woets – Dungbeetle BV / Co-founder Teal for Teal International Foundation

Geert Hulselmans – It's your show


Our Vision for this intensive

Everything that is linked to teal- or selfmanaged organisations is quite clear to the four of us.  It all seems very logical.  And we strongly believe that our society needs this new sort of organisational culture and structure, based on the human-centric principles behind this paradigm.


Amongst ourselves, in the last 5 to 10 years, we have gathered a tremendous amount of insights and knowledge on teal- or self managed organisations.  We can therefore help other people to support their transformational road towards the teal paradigm.

Are you curious about what to expect of this 4 day intensive?

Day 1


Morning session: How self-managed is your organisation?


Short introduction on Teal principles and self management insights (from 1.0 to 4.0)

Where is your organisational currently on the road towards teal

Where do you want to grow towards? What is your biggest success up to now concerning self-management?

What will the result be for you? What are your pitfalls? Where do you want to make more breakthroughs?

What are your goals? What is your evolutionary purpose, personally as well as organisationally?

Afternoon session: The whole of you


Meditation, intuition and rituals.

This will be the theme of the afternoon and evening.  Let yourself be surprised.

Evening: Storytelling

Day 2


Morning session: Restoring Trust expands self-management opportunities


Self-management is only possible when there can be mutual, strong and full Trust.  In this session we share the basic mindset, Joke's own model and possible tools on how to restore and grow mutual Trust.

Afternoon session: How can you inspire others to join you on the Teal-journey


  • Two loops model on the transformational process

  • Art of Hosting and Participatory Leadership exercises

  • 4D (Inspiring) Leadership

  • Trust and Leadership exercises based on Aikido-principles

Evening: Wisdom Circles 

Day 3


Morning and afternoon session: Your role as instigator/inspirator/innovator/founder/top-manager

Too many founders and top-managers are still taking up too many tasks that could be done by other professionals in their organisation.  This triggers unneccessary stress and tensions.

On this day we will be working with Deep Constellation.  This will give you deeper insights in your own role within your organisation, including the constructive and hindering parts.  This day is about your own serving and facilitating role versus the command & controlling role you have maybe used up to now.

Evening: Feestmaaltijd

Dag 4


Morning session: Trust the Money in your organisation


Within new ways of working and organising, there should also be a new awareness on the financial energy.  Transparency and authenticity towards money is quite important, since it again creates Trust, abundance, energy and a fantastic working environent.

This is one of the very practical themes.  On this subject Joke will share all her knowledge, insights and capacities to explain and help you restore your own relationship with money, within your personal and professional life.

Afternoon session: Full Integration

On the last afternoon of this intensive 4-day training we will try and fully integrate the shared insights, so you can take them with you towards your day to day work inside your own organisation.


We will give you an overview of some tools you will be able to use in certain situations, so that you, together with the people in your organisation, can grow continuously towards the teal paradigm and it's three breakthroughs: wholeness, evolutionary purpose and self-management.  We will also guide you through your possible next steps.


This last part of our training is the most important where you will summarize and integrate the shared insights, and it might still hold a number of surprises.

Personal and organisational outcomes of this 4 day intensive

Double personal growth and development

A community of likeminded people who are on the same road

Co-creation with other instigators/inspirators/founders and top-managers

Knowledge on the teal paradgim and how to grow to 4.0 self-management

Effortless cooperation

Widely carried and shared responsibility

The big burden of being the fully and lonely responsible as founder can be shared within your organisation

You will be able to fully let go of control and you will become a true inspirator

How to become obsolete and missable as founder/top manager

More freedom, space and time for the things you really want to do

More trust in your team and your purpose, which will give you wings as a person

Get to learn the exact steps towards the 2.0, 3.0 and 4.0 versions of self-management

Lots of new methodologies and workable tools you can use to obtain self-managing teams

Knowledge and insight on how to restore your relationship with money and how to share this inside your organisation

How you can bring your organisation to the next level

What is most important to your role as instigator, inspirator and what you need or how to deal with this role

The power of abundance versus the fear of scarcity

New cooperative tools, meditation and rituals you can use in your organisation to expand the awareness and consciousness to make a full shift towards the teal paradigm and it's breakthroughs.

Registration for this 4-day intensive

Your investment?

€ 2 797, VAT not included

Included in this price?

4 full day training (10u-22u) on a wonderful exclusive location

3 overnight stays in your own room

All meals included



1 pre-webinar

2 post-Q&A's